Live a
Mindful Life

A 6-week program to a
life of greater wellbeing

Reduce your stress; Enhance your wellbeing; Be more present; Improve self-regulation; Identify triggers; Communicate empathically; Improve listening skills; and much more.

Why Learn Mindfulness

Frequently feel <b>stressed</b> or <b>anxious</b>?  illustration
Frequently feel stressed or anxious?
Find it difficult to quiet your mind?  illustration
Find it difficult to quiet your mind?
Living in the past or the future? illustration
Living in the past or the future?

Mindfulness can help.

The practice of mindfulness is the practice of wellness. Whilst mindfulness techniques have been used for wellness for thousands of years, it’s only in recent decades that public interest in mindfulness has soared.

In Silicon Valley, for instance, where cutting edge technology intersects with “bio-hacks” in the pursuit of ultimate human performance, mindfulness is regarded by many as the “secret sauce” to effectiveness.

The science supporting the benefits of mindfulness is extensive. In 2013-2015 there were a whopping 216 randomized controlled trials — the gold standard for clinical study — involving mindfulness.

Mindfulness is an evergreen skill. Once learned, it can be applied across various domains in your life. Mindfulness can be applied with equal efficacy to anxiety to eating to creative pursuits and beyond.

Just some of the positive benefits from this six-week program, include:

Benefit 1:

Stress Reduction Strategies

Benefit 2:

An Increased Ability to Relax

Benefit 3:

Greater Energy and Enthusiasm

Benefit 4:

Better Ability to Cope in Stressful Situations

Benefit 5:

Improved Ability to Live in the Present

Benefit 6:

Greater Levels of Creativity

Benefit 7:

Improved Sleep

Benefit 8:

Improved Ability to Listen

Benefit 9:

Strategies to Calm Yourself in Moments of Anger, Stress & Anxiety

Benefit 10:

Self-Regulated Strategies

Program Overview

Living a Mindful Life is a six-week, self-paced, flexible program for people who want to learn how to integrate mindfulness practices into their day-to-day life. The program can be started at any time and delivers two lessons a week in the privacy of your own home.

As well as learning a new mindfulness practice each lesson, you will learn about the principles and applications of mindfulness, from formal practices to ways of bringing a more mindful approach to everyday activities and experiences.

Starting out with the deceptively simple question, “What is mindfulness?”, we learn what modern mindfulness is (and isn’t), and the attitudes integrated into mindfulness practices and the mindful approach to life.

You will be guided through strategies for the sometimes-challenging process of developing and sticking to a mindfulness practice. We consider how our thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions colour so much of our experience, and often drive stress and distress.

We also look at the research into the benefits of mindfulness practice, and how principles can be applied in response to our thoughts and emotions, relationships and interactions, and work settings.

Topics covered in Living a Mindful Life include:

Program Curriculum

How You’ll Learn

2x Weekly Lessons

Weekly Video Instruction

Reflections & Practical Exercises

Strategies for Application & Integration

Guided Mindfulness Practices

Self Check-Ins

Register at Anytime

You can register for the program at any time. Once registered, you’ll receive two lessons per week for six-weeks.

Each lesson contains education content and supporting material.

As you learn, you'll also receive instruction on how to apply techniques and integrate mindfulness in your life.

Each week you'll also receive video instruction in support of your learning and application.

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If for any reason whatsoever you decide you do not want to proceed with your course within 14-days, we will give you a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee. It's a guarantee that totally relieves you of any risk.

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